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Monday, March 20, 2006

01.OG Ron C-Intro
02.GP Ft Mr Kaila And Kool Rod-Im A Greenback Stacka
03.GP Ft Kool Rod And Mr Kaila-Cuttin
04.Mr.Kaila Ft GP Big Nik-Paper Boy And Wreckin Yard
05.Teflon Ft Jack Ruby And Mr Kaila-Them Boyz
06.Steve T Ft J.Dean And GP-Fireman
07.Young Twinn Ft Big Nik-Love Tha Game
08.Mr Kaila Ft Kool Rod And GP-How They Did Me
09.George Young Ft Mr Kaila And GP-Im A King
10.Da Spark Ft GP And Big Nik-Soul Survivor
11.Mr Kaila Ft Kool Rod And GP-Then What
12.George Young Ft Chuck Conz And Big Nik-Go Crazy
13.Lovelady Ft Da Spark And Kool Rod-Mic Check
14.Chuck Conz Ft GP And Kool Rod-Dont Trip
15.K Shellz Ft George Young-Diamonds On My Neck
16.GP Ft Mr Kaila And Big Nik-Outta Control
17.Lovelady Ft Mr Kaila-Gold Digger
18.George Young Ft Big Nik-From Tha South
19.George Young Ft K Shellz-Hurricane Katrina (Bonus)

Get Wrecked


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