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Friday, March 31, 2006

Couple random thoughts today.

Shout out to Venezuela and the 2 patriots down there sparking a re-investigation into 9-11.I want to believe the government but the shit just don't add up. Maybe they did'nt plan it themselves but it sure looks mad suspect. Project Northwoods,PNAC,Haliburton,Kellogg Brown Root,Controlled Demolition Inc are all things truth movement skeptics need to "Get Familiar" with. Peep the profits and ask yourself who's benefitted ? To my armchair warrior/flagwavers. War should only be the ABSOLUTE last option necessary and not by choice. If u are really convinced that invading Iraq is 100% righteous (osama=saudi)
why the fuck are you not over there? It's really that simple. If you support your government and what they are doing to Iraq you should be over there helping.plain and fucking simple,otherwise,shut the fuck up.
Myself and everysingle person i know is sick of living under rule of these fearmongers. Once you say fuck 'em it's quite liberating.I get emails from people that are really scared of speaking their mind and their glad i'm doing this blog.
A government re-elected on fear will serve you fear.
It's time for some massive change.

I came across a couple tight blogs that i've added links in my bookmark section.Music wise make sure you check out all the fine shit Biff and Worm are doing.They update frequently and work hard giving u lazy fucks that heat. Also DZ at 9-11 blogger has been working hard to put all the truth movement facts/coincidences together.DEFINATELY check his blog out.he's got some politically charged music to peep as well.

peace for now,

thanks for the support,

starting to see some serious traffic on here.



Blogger anti alias said...

well done. thanks for the information, keep up the good work. i'll spread it around as much as i can.

if they did this shit on 9/11 is anyone worried what they're gonna do next?!?

7:41 PM  

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