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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I must say , it's been real serious in here since i got back home Sunday,

As you can tell by the heat dropped in the past 3-4 days , i'm out of the hospital and getting back to normal. Lived off morphine shots to the stomach, no food and no sleep for 7 days. I was amazed at how good the nursing staff was and boosted my overall view of humanity. These people are angels. All bullshit aside. No cancer,no Chrohns, just the worse case of food poisoning my doctor had ever seen. I know exactly where i got it from and am trying not to drive over there and firebomb tha muthafukka.
enough tho,

Now , why is it everytime Bush's poll numbers reach another all time low another Bin Laden or Al Zarquari tape surfaces?
The shits a joke but not a very funny one. Read here

Looks like more states are looking at impeachement legislation.Read here

That evil doer Chavez is trying to undermine America and give away oil to 180,000 poor families. Read here How dare he ! We better liberate their oil soon.

The Iraq war is becoming increasingly harder to justify and even the military is on the verge of a backlash.Crisis at the White House-Read here

Taking a page outta the Bush playbook, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper (claiming respect for the families ? ) puts a blackout on media covering (honoring) fallen Canadian soldiers. I wish i was joking but you can read about it Here

ahh fuck it,

Ignorance is bliss !

Most of you are well aware of Mac Dre and his legacy but some of you might not be familiar with Andre Nickatina.

Time to Get Familiar


2.What Ever You Got- Mac Dre & Andre Nickatina
3.Laced Wit Hash- Mac Dre
4.Sunny Kim-Andre Nickatina
5.Toyz(UNRELEASED)-Mac Dre
6.Eazy Riderz-Andre Nickatina
7.What You Got For Me-Mac Dre
8.I'm Serious-Andre Nickatina
9.Gigg'N-Mac Dre
10.Dreaming-Andre Nickatina
11.Never Know(UNRELEASED)-Mac Dre
12.Bay Sh**-Andre Nickatina
13.Wild Nyte(verse)-Mac Dre
14.Girls Say(UNRELEASED)-Andre Nickatina/Jacka(mob figaz)
15.Rock-N-Roll Night- Mac Dre
16.Taking Time Away-Andre Nickatina
17.Tricycle(UNRELEASED)-Mac Dre
18.My Turf(UNRELEASED)-Andre Nickatina/Mac Dre/Dubee
19.Game Go's- Mac Dre/Mistah FAB
20.Ayo-Andre Nickatina/San Quinn
21.P.I.M.P.(UNRELEASED)- Mac Dre
22.War Cry-Andre Nickatina
24.Violence- Mac Dre
25.In The Past-Andre Nickatina
26.Lots of Paper(verse)- Mac Dre
27.Smoke Dope and Rap-Andre Nickatina
28.Highly Flammable(UNRELEASED)- Mac Dre/Keak da Sneak
29.Fly Guy-Andre Nickatina
30.Bi Polar- Mac Dre/Andre Nickatina
31.Dreams & Scene's- Mac Dre
32.Call Me Dre-Andre Nickatina
33.Wake Up(UNRELEASED)- Mac Dre
34.Get High(UNRELEASED)-Andre Nickatina
35.Trill Sh**(UNRELEASED)-Mac Dre
36.Get On His Head(UNRELEASED)- Mac Dre

Get 2 Dre's

01 - Billboard - Freestyle [Intro, Live]
02 - Billboard - Show You How 2 Do This Blood (feat. Big Y)
03 - Dr. Dre - It's Game Time (S***)
04 - The Game - Killa Kalli (feat. Billboard)
05 - Billboard - I'm Gangsta (feat. The Game)
06 - The Game - Gang Bangin (S***)
07 - A-Card Gangsters - Freestyle
08 - Bounty Hunters - Freestyle
09 - The Game - Speaks On The Bounty Hunter Bloods (s***)
10 - Billboard - Compton's Most Wanted
11 - The Game - And It's Like That (S***)
12 - The Game - Start From Scratch (feat. Marsha of Floetry)
13 - The Game - I'm A Soldier
14 - Billboard - Dont Know What You Heard (feat. Snoop Dogg)
15 - Billboard - Aint That Right Chuck [Live]
16 - G-Malone - Hunned
17 - Life - I'm Young Life
18 - Black Friday - Freestyle
19 - The Game - Mom's Was A Hover (S***)
20 - The Game - Documentary (Last Verse Only)
21 - Billboard - Why Everybody On My Dick [Live]
22 - The Game - Bay Area (S***)
23 - The Game - Aint No Beef (S***)
24 - The Game - Peace (feat. Yukmouth)
25 - The Game - Speaks On Son Pt 1
26 - The Game - Like Father, Like Son (feat. Busta Rhymes)
27 - The Game - Speaks On Son Pt 2
28 - Billboard & - BWS, Slogan (S***)
31 - The Game - Everyone Loved You (S***)
32 - The Game - Never Be Friends [Tribute 2 Billboard]
33 - Billboard - Let Em Know [[Snippet]]

Get Game


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