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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tonite's post is all over the place.
Don't have the time to lay down anything,
like mac jizzay did at mecca of the bay
so instead here's a couple articles u need to read , 3 mixtapes and 2 fucked pictures.

oh yeah, get this,

Some strange shit these days,

And This ain't no bullshit,

I'm working on a fucking Huggies commercial,

for the man who directed American History X,

I won't say his name cuz he's not on the credits,

see the thing is,

unlike most of the faggots wasting time on planet Earth ,

he stuck to his gut and

he pulled out when he didn't agree with the way the final edit was going,

He wanted something far more serious,

so he said what i'm sayin,

"Fuck Outta Here"

Wanna read how the Pentagon plans on controlling the internet ?

Pay Attention you lazy fucks.

While your shits d/l ing read something for fuck sake.

1 - Hustler's Anthem (DJ Khaled exclusive)
2 - DJ Khaled feat. Lil' Wayne, Paul Wall, Rick Ross, Fat Joe & Pitbull - Holla At Me Baby! [the first single off the upcoming DJ Khaled album - COMING SOON!]
3 - I'm Bad
4 - Soul Survivor (Freestyle)
5 - Feel Me
6 - Kick In the Door
7 - Down & Out
8 - Chevy Ridin' High feat. Dre (of Cool N Dre)
9 - Last Of A Dying Breed (Freestyle)
10 - Bottom Of The Map (Freestyle)
11 - Doing My Job
12 - Before Aa Limelight
13 - Dreams (Freestyle)
14 - Stay Fly (Freestyle)
15 - Shut Up (Freestyle)
16 - Bitches & Bizness
17 - Bitch Who You Fuckin' Wit ' feat. Triple C's
18 - Pots & Pans
19 - Thug Thizzle feat. Deuce Poppi & Brisco
20 - Rap Star feat. Dre
21 - Dear Lord feat. Triple C's
22 - Uncle Johnny
23 - Grippin Grain


"Rick Ross man,Rick fuckin Ross
745 White on White"

Shout out to Big TY ,

see u at the Cube and Dogg Pound Show mayne,

How bout Bush and co."s plans to nuke Iran?

Yay Nukes!!

Nuking Arabs,ain't really nuking

or how about another round of election stealing

how about the hypocrisy of the commander of leak aka Traitor in Chief

aaah, fuck all that,

Just Get That Work

1. Snyplife (354)-Open Up Shop (Prod. by Soundsmith)
2. Cal & Su Da Boss-Where He At
3. Cal-Computer Love
4. Cal & JR Writer-Freestyle (Prod. by Knox Bonix)
5. Cal-Dry Clippin’
6. Bezel-We Gettin Money (Prod. by Knox Bonix)
7. Hell Rell-Freestyle
8. Mr. Reck & Vain (Gutta Muzic)-I Dont Know Officer
9. Team Arliss-Black Diamonds
10. Styles P & Team Arliss-Head Shots (Prod. by Green Lantern)
11. J-Hood & The Game-D-Block
12. DJ Diggz,Papi Storz,St. Laz,Big Cas & Chozen Few-Wet Wipes Remix
13. Red Cafe & Flawless-Gettin Some Head (Diggz Remix)
14. Young Chris-Live (Prod. by Neo Full Surface)
15. Young Chris-Next Up
16. Mobb Deep & 50 Cent-Pearly Gates
17. Mobb Deep-Groove
18. G3 (Infamous Mobb) & Frankie Yale-Its A Plot
19. Cormega & Lake-Say Word
20. Killa Sha-3 Minute Workout (Prod. by J Dilla)
21. Killa Sha-Called Love (Prod. by Ayatollah)
22. Littles-Shoot First
23. Nashawn-Shit Aint Sweet
24. Ghostface,Raekwon,Trife Da God & Cappadonna-Dogs of War
25. Inspectah Deck & Cappadonna-Gambits
26. Habs (The Messengers) & Agallah (Purple City)-Come On
27. Ali Vegas-Hip Hop Pop Rock-N-Roll
28. Shawn Don (Crawlin Linx)-Half Pound of Piff
29. STG-Stackin’ My Dollars
30. Bad Newz (Street Born Ent.)-Freestyle
31. NYC Krook$-3 Dirty Spics

Get that Work

1. Nu Jerzey Devil-Intro
2. Sin-If God Close The Gate
3. Sin-Vision
4. Camron Feat. Sin, Bezel and Purple City-How Gangstas Do
5. Sin-Black Helicopters (Kill Like America 2)
6. Sin Feat. St. Laz and Big Cas-Grind Out (Chamelee Remix)
7. Lil Wayne and Snyp Life-I’m Gonna Win
8. Sin Feat. Snyp Life and Nkuzi (354)
9. Sheek Louch Feat. St. Laz-Freestyle
10. Sin and Crood-50 Lions
11. Sin-S.I.N.
12. Juelz Sntana Feat. S.A.S-Gangsta Shit (Remix)
13. Sin and Crood-Journey Through My Minds Eye (Rane)
14. DJ Wats-Interlude
15. Sin Feat. Camron, Bezel and Tom Gist-Thanks To Me (Certified)
16. Knight (The Senate)-Landlord Knockin
17. Sin-Just Like That
18. Riz Feat. Jay Mallz-Day By Day
19. Sin Feat. Ecks, St. Laz, Mayhem Morearty, Tommy Knox and Doc Demeyez (Empire)-Stop Snitchin
20. Sin-The Truth
21. State Fam-Rockabye (Remix)
22. Sin Feat. Geolani-Time After Time
23. Frankie Krutches-What U Know
24. Sin Feat. St. Laz, Geolani, Dillin Hoox and Dutchy Bonez-Blue
25. Sin Feat. VIP-Upoznaj Srbiju
26. Crood-Street Life
27. Sin-50 Lions (Chamelee Remix)
28. Big Mike-Outro

Get Sizzerb 2 Sin City

Speaking of Huggies.


This you?


Blogger BiffReagle said...

America's war on the web... thats some fucked up shit right there... its already started in china... and dont even get me started on north korea...

5:11 AM  
Blogger BiffReagle said...


See it for yourself and check out http://www.google-watch.org/
Good source...

5:19 AM  
Blogger ... MaC JaY ... said...

uh, those pics are grimey mayne. hahaha, would make for some good anti-drinking ads.

8:06 AM  

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