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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Been busy as a mothapkukka,but wanted to throw down a quick condelance shout out to Emotionz and his 4th World boys.I've watched friends die so i know how u guys are feeling. Hold your boys dear and go out and represent them.You guys all talented and Dave,your deadly. Wanna get some videos going mayne.

I'ts a quite of gang of emails coming from my reg's on here and i appreciate all the feed back.It's split between the rap heads and the political cats and to tell you the truth most of all you guys are very much in common.

I know alot of these other forums/blogs are people complaining about the same shitty job ,governments, are doing for the average joe. So instead of preaching to the choir all the time, go and do battle on the conservative blogs.

Hammer those warmongering, conservative, crooked ass shitheads.

Those cats are douchebags and need to stopped.

Everyone getting it in the ass these days except the Top 1% ,

Top tens Forbes companies are mainly Bankers and oil.

This corporate shit is poisoning the world in my opinion,

Something needs to drastically change, and that my friends is gonna be some serious shit.

Time to " Man the Fuck Up"


Anonymous Chris said...

hey mayn, why not provide a list of conservative blogs that we should comment at? Check to see which ones have the most traffic on alexia or something...An article like that might be real enlightening, sort of providing a plan of attack if you actually want people to point out the flaws in the arguments anywhere conservatives discuss shit online. I don't know a single conservative blog, though so I'm not really qualified to put together a list. And I'm lazy. Its hella fucked up but sometimes its so hard working and being a student that you pay attention to today's problems and forget about tomorrow's, yadadamean? Thats really just a cop out though...

5:38 AM  
Blogger BALLS AND MY WORD™ said...


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