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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Checked out Boots Riley / The Coup last night at the World Urban Festival in Vancouver.

Unlike 95% of the carbon copy chumps rhyming today, Boots incorporates searing and poignant social commentary into his music.

Weather couldn't have been better.The show was outside and started off with "We are the Ones" off of his new album "Pick a bigger weapon". (I put this on my latest mixtape )

He immediately had the crowd of over a 1000 paying attention. He had a live band backing him up instead of his DJ, which worked really well on this track.Boots brought the funk and the very diverse crowd was definitely feeling it.

I think the strongest moment of the show came a couple tracks in,when his guitar player blew his amp.

Instead of walking off the stage while they fixed the problem Boots kicked a 10 min. acapella.

We've all seen some garbage hip hop shows and i can honestly say this WAS NOT one of them.

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with The Coup.


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