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Saturday, September 02, 2006

This weekend on Balls and My Word

A greased Suge Knight chokes a bitch on a nightclub dancefloor,

we time travel to 1995 for a performance from the roster of the rap games Hardest ever label,

50 Cent attempts to destroy P.Diddy

and i lace you ungrateful cunts with the Bump J ,Yo Gotti Dopeman remix, This will be on my next mixtape (Ball 4)

send me some heaters you greedy, lazy , leeching bastards.

"Who shot Biggie Smalls?, if we dont get em they gona get us all,Man Puffy knows who hit that nigga, man that nigga soft,
He scared that the boys from the West Side will break him off,
Jump on his ass, so he run to Harlem man, and shake them off" - 50 Cent

Fitty bombs diddy

Dopeman remix

oh yeah,

The highly sought after Vato video

If you like the Clipse say yeah Me Too


Blogger ... MaC JaY ... said...

yea me too. haha, clipse go hard mayne

2:07 PM  

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