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Monday, October 09, 2006

Edward The Great

Iron Maiden's Greatest Hits

1. Run To The Hills
2. The Number Of The Beast
3. Flight Of Icarus
4. The Trooper
5. 2 Minutes To Midnight
6. Wasted Years '99
7. Can I Play With Madness
8. The Evil That Men Do
9. The Clairvoyant
10. Infinite Dreams
11. Holy Smoke
12. Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter
13. Man On The Edge
14. Futureal
15. The Wicker Man
16. Fear Of The Dark (Live)

Get Edward

Get Best of the Beast

Get Number of the Beast

Track List

1. Combination Of The Two
2. One Toke Over The Line
3. She's A Lady
4. For Your Love
5. White Rabbit
6. A Drug Score-Part 1 (Acid Spill)
7. Get Together
8. Mama Told Me Not To Come
9. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
10. Time Is Tight
11. Magic Moments
12. A Drug Score-Part 2 (Adenochrome, The Devil's Dance)
13. Tammy
14. A Drug Score-Part 3 (Flashbacks)
15. Expecting To Fly
16. Viva Las Vegas

Get the Fear

Found this video on Vlog-Flux


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice.Maidens the shit.

3:10 PM  

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