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Sunday, December 10, 2006

.......Guess who came through next, X-Clan debuted
+Professor X+ ("Vanglorious") exist in a state of
+red, black, and green with a KEY, SISSIES!+
Now with this bein the new trend, we don't fit in
Crackers is out, with "Cactus Albums," blackness is in
African symbols and medallions, represent black power
And we ain't know what it meant, me and my man Howard
and Butter would go to the mall
with them all over our necks like we're showin 'em off
Not knowin at all we was bein laughed at
"You ain't even half black; you ain't 'posed to have that
homey, let me grab that, and that Flava Flav clock
we gon' have to snatch that," all I remember is meetin back at
Manics's basement, sayin how we hate this
How racist but dope the X-Clan's tape is
- Eminem , Yellow Brick Road

Here's the new single from the New Album Return From Mecca

Weapon X

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The Wiki on X-Clan's To The East,Backwards

1 Funkin' Lesson (4:05)
2 Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It ? (4:45)
3 Tribal Jam (4:51)
4 Day of Outrage, Operation Snatchback (3:18)
5 Verbal Milk (4:33)
6 Earth Bound (4:29)
7 Shaft's Big Score (5:04)
8 Raise the Flag (4:03)
9 Heed the Word of the Brother (3:39)
10 Verbs of Power (4:16)
11 In the Ways of the Scales (4:15)

Get To The East Backwards

The self-sufficient X-Clan should've made a bigger splash with To the East, Blackwards, the group's debut album for 4th & Broadway. Name-dropping Nat Turner and Marcus Garvey and dressing in red, black, and green instead of black and silver didn't exactly lend itself to marketability in 1990, but there's no evidence to the contrary that this Afrocentric group released one of the best rap records that year -- which is saying a great deal. Yes, plenty of groups had already swiped liberally from Funkadelic, and true, "Grand Verbalizer"'s instrumental backdrop is nearly identical to "Microphone Fiend," but there's an infectious vigor with the way each track is fired off that makes those points moot. Brother J's bookish, caramel-smooth delivery is like no other, and Professor X's jolting appearances after nearly every verse ("This is protected by the red, the black, and the green -- with a key! Sissy!") add even more character to the album. X-Clan relentlessly pushes its pro-black motives and beliefs, and though the points are vague at times, at no point does it ever grow tiring. This isn't just a testament to the skills of the MCs -- it also stands as a testament to the group members as producers. Like the best work of BDP and PE, a thorough listen to To the East, Blackwards is more likely to provoke deep thought than an entire chapter of the average American school's history book. And history books simply don't provide this kind of electric charge.

~ Andy Kellman, All Music Guide


Blogger Les-tor Manchestor said...

Funny. Eminem... X-Clan racists.. Ha ha.. Kills me when people use the term racism and they don't know the definition...

3:59 PM  
Blogger Les-tor Manchestor said...

... X-Clan Racists! What a laugh riot!

4:00 PM  

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