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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Homie Ecks has made his LT Dan Mixtape available for Balls and My Word.

Good Lookin out Ecks.

We wish you the best in 07 and will monitor your career here on Balls.

Anyone cosigned by KRS ONE is fucking golden in my opinion.

Only 10 minutes into their first recording session a stunned KRS-One uttered the words, “You are going to be a star; You are the future of hip-hop”, this after watching a then teenage Ecks walk into the booth and freestyle his entire 2 verse collaboration with KRS-One: “Take it to God”. Now several years later, Ecks has reemerged as a complete MC, ready to take the place KRS-One prophesized for him in history. On the cusp of his most significant release to date “Rebuilding” The Mixtape hosted by Lt. Dan, Ecks aims to prove KRS right.

The young MC has brought a few friends along with him to make sure this effort is successful, the least of which is Jay-Z, whose voice he samples of his new singe “Water 2 a Whale”. The Project includes two disc, over 30 tracks in total including appearances from Royce da 5’9 and Balance.

Rebuilding The Street Album

01 DJ LT. Dan Speaks prod. Gutta
02 Oh yes(intro)
03 Back 2 Church feat. Royce Da 5'9(prod. Asar)
04 Rebuilding(prod. Metro Beats)
05 Take My Place
06 DJ Lt Speaks 2
07 Ski Mask music(prod. Illustrious)
08 Just A Sec(interlude)(prod. Ecks)
09 Water 2A Wahle(prod. Ecks & Beast)
10 100 Grand (prod. Beast)
11New Year(feat. Psy young)
12 Close Up Shop(prod. ASAP)
13 The Ride (interlude)(prod. The Thundakatz)
14 Gat Aimed(feat. Wordsmith)
15 Summer (prod. Hala-X)
16 Your Brains Are Now Blown(Outro)

Rebuilding The Framework

01 Dj Lt Dan Intro
02 New Regime is Forever
03 Liberals, Conservatives
04 Dboys, Bboys
05 I Promise
06 A Guy Called Ecks
07 We in the Building feat. Psy Young
08 Cociane Music feat. Imogen Heap
09 Memories
10 Psy Young Free Style
11 Curtis Mayfield Freestyle
12 Heads Up
13 Gotta Get it Remix feat. Balance
14 24 hrs and Countin
15 Linear Notes prod. by Ecks

Get Ecks Banger Here


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