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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Mayweather vs De La Hoya

I caught the fight last night and lemme say that the most entertaining part was when Floyd chucked on the sombrero and mexi-robe and made his entrance with 50 Cent rapping on his side.
Just some real cocky disrespectful gangster shit.
Oscar came out humble , to some Mexican music and low key
The guys and me scored each round so we could put a fair and reasonable judgement down at the end.
I was outnumbered as their was only 1 other cat that was riding for Mayweather.
The 4 other guys wanted Oscar to win.
One thing i can say is Floyd Mayweather is one of the fastest motherfuckers i've ever seen.
Oscar threw more shots but few scored.
He landed a few bodyshots but they had no effect.
At times Floyd was scoring at will while Oscar was left punching arms and air.
Floyd threw combinations with light speed and dodged Oscar's bombs masterfully.
At the end of the fight their was absolutely no doubt in the room that Floyd was the winner.
Everyone was in agreement (including the 4 Oscar fans).
7 rounds Floyd
4 rounds Oscar
1 draw.

Here's the fighters entrance's.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

what happened to all the mac dre posts

10:59 AM  
Blogger Olskool4real said...

Yeah I feel you!! I knew Floyd would win and figured it wouldn't be much of a brawl, but the hype did offer possibilities and what ifs!! yeah he is pretty fast and and smart as he destroyed Oscar before the fight even started. He killed him mentally by pissing him off and insulting his culture a tactic used in the past by his Uncle and many others, Its worked because Oscar was hardly humble and at times fought dirty, I mean the holding and hitting and so forth, you can tell he wanted to kill this guy if only he could catch him Ha! Ha! well the fountain of youth helps!!

2:38 PM  

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