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Thursday, October 18, 2007

It's Been a Long Time

I shouldn't have left you.
I been busy and besides that Zeitgeist needed a long look.
Everyone is talking about that documentary. Over 4 MILLION VIEWS in a couple months.
Notice how it's still underground ? That proves a point right there doesn't it ?
Revolution seems closer than ever before.
What shall we do next ?
Peaceful protesting doesn't do a damn thing that's for damn sure.
But before you bust out the ski masks and molitovs ask yourself
"What do i have to lose? "
In my case it's credit card debt.

While you think about next moves i put together another 10 pack o crack for ya.

Here's some Heat for yo azz.

Mask And The Assasin/DJ Muggs Vs. Sick Jacken
New West / Juice feat. Crooked I
Where I'm From (Alabama) (Feat. Rich Boy/Attitude
Hood Nigga/Gorilla Zoe
One Day/Jeru The Damaja
I Run Winnipeg/Pipi Skid
Like Me/Lil Scrappy
Material Things (Ft. Andre Nickatina) /Smoov-E
W-X-I'll Tell U-Y/ Andre Nickatina



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