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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fox News Fraud aka Fuck Frank Luntz

This is a prime example of how a small group of scum bags influences the masses.
Thank god there is enough pissed off people that are watching these douchbags now.
With not allowing Ron Paul on their debate Fox News is trying to skew the electoral process.
Time to boycott companies that feed this machine.

Boycott Sponsors Who Don't Play Fair ... Forever!

Here are the 12 products advertised during the Fox News Forum (and the advertisers) to boycott:

1. Pampers diapers (Procter & Gamble) ( www.pampers.com )

2. Mag-Lite Flashlights ( www.maglite.com ).

3. Abilify (bipolar disorder medication from Bristol-Myers Squibb) ( www.abilify.com ) (three ad slots during forum)

4. The Jewelry Exchange ( www.jewelryexchange.com )

5. Planet Earth DVD set (BBC and Discovery Channel product) ( www.bbc.co.uk , www.discovery.com )

6. Vytorin (anti-cholestoral medication from Merck-Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals) (www.vytorin.com ) (1-877-VYTORIN) (two ad slots during forum)

7. Nutrisystem (www.nutrisystem.com ) (1-877-975-DIET) (two ad slots during forum)

8. Gold Bond (Chattum) 423-821-4571 contact via webform at http://phx.corporate-ir.net/phoenix.zhtml?c=119581&p=irol-inforeq

9. Tempur-Pedic Beds (www.tempurpedic.com ) (1-800-615-8328)

10. Sprint Telephone

11. AIG car insurance (www.aigdirect.com ) (1-800-850-2642)

12. Fox News Channel

Forever, folks. Forever. Never again buy any of these products or services. Deliver the message that those who facilitate this sort of censorship and propaganda will face consequences.

Comprehensive fuck fox news rant with valuable info


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