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Friday, March 31, 2006

Monopoly+government collusion= assfucking for everyone

DJ Total takes us into the Deathrow vaults with over 20 unreleased tracks from
Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, The Dogg Pound & 2 Pac.

01. RADIO INTRO (nuthin' but a g thang verse) - snoop doggy dogg
02. KICKIN' IT (interlude)
03. LET ME RIDE (extended promotional version) - dr. dre ft. daz dillinger
04. GIN & JUICE (laid back mix verse) - snoop doggy dogg
05. THE $20 SACK PYRAMID (interlude)
06. 40'Z & BUD (unreleased) - kurupt
07. PUFFIN' ON BLUNTS & TANQUERAY (unreleased promotional track) - the lady of rage & the dogg pound
08. 5 MIC'S IN THE SOURCE (unreleased) - the dogg pound
09. FREESTYLE (live on power 106) - the dogg pound
10. RAT TAT TAT TAT TAT (unreleased remix) - dr. dre
11. HEAD DOCTOR (interlude)
12. HEAD DOCTOR (unreleased original version) - snoop doggy dogg
13. GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS (unreleased) - snoop doggy dogg & e-white
14. BIG PIMPIN' (unreleased original version) - the dogg pound & snoop doggy dogg
15. "WHAT WOULD U DO?" FREESTYLE (live on power 106) - kurupt
16. WHO RIDE WIT US? (unreleased remix 1 verse) - the dogg pound
17. WHO RIDE WIT US? (unreleased remix 2 verse) - the dogg pound
18. STREET LIFE (unreleased) - prince ital joe ft. snoop doggy dogg & 2 pac
19. STREET SCHOLARS (unreleased) - dr. dre ft. j-flex
20. ROCK YA BODY (dj total blend) - 2 pac ft. skg
21. FREESTYLE (live on power 106) - snoop doggy dogg
22. "WHO AM I? (WHAT'S MY NAME?)" FREESTYLE (live on power 106) - snoop doggy dogg
23. MY HEAT GOES BOOM (unreleased original version) lbc crew ft. daz dillinger, soopafly & snoop doggy dogg
24. GANGSTA RIDE (unreleased) - snoop doggy dogg & daz dillinger
25. EAST/ WEST (interlude)
27. FUCK 'EM ALL (unreleased original version) - 2 pac & the outlawz
28. UNTOUCHABLE (unreleased non lp remix verse) - 2 pac & lisa "left eye" lopes


29. REAL NIGGAZ DO REAL THINGZ (unreleased alternative version) - the notorious b.i.g.
30. GUARANTEED RAW 2006 (dj total blend from the upcoming DJ Total mixtape "reminisce vol.1") - the notorious b.i.g. & 2 pac
31. PORN STAR OUTRO (a message to suge) - heather hunter, janet jacme & cheri lee

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

right on for that death row drop mayne. good shit, thanks

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:31 PM  

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