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Friday, July 21, 2006

"......Ronald Reagan came up to me and said, Do you have the answer
To the U.S economy and a cure for cancer?
I said, what are you doin in the White House if you're not sellin cocaine?
Ask your wife, Nancy Reagan, I know she'll spit that game.
Like one night, she came to my house, and gave me a blow job
She licked my dick, up and down, like it was corn on the cob........."

-Too Short "CussWords"


I was 16 years old when i first heard this track.
Somewhere in Florida i bought this cassette on a whim for less than $10 bucks,
Best money i think i ever spent.
Mu'phukka got over 2 decades in the game.
Time for Todd Shaw to get his much deserved props.

Track listing
1. Life Is...Too Short
2. Rhymes
3. I Ain't Trippin'
4. Nobody Does It Better
5. Oakland
6. Don't Fight The Feelin'
7. CussWords
8. City Of Dope
9. Pimp The Ho
10. Untitled

Get Short Dog


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