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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pure Pimping.

Labor laws be damned.

18-20 hour days without overtime are not uncommon.
It's always the goddamn same in the film industry.
Just some nonsense really.
But this day was differant,

It was fucking early. Too early.
While most people were pounding the snooze button,
there was a differant kind of pounding going on in North Vancouver,
I was riverside watching a 15 year old girl get raped by 3 hillbillies,
her father sat in his chair and watched proudly,
I had to turn my head away each take,
the actors were fairly convincing,
it was a rude awakening to say the least,

I wished i was at home sleeping instead of working on this bullshit,

turns out something good did happen that day,

it was that cold, rainy , rape soaked , morning , that i met Rod Bailey.

Rod was freelancing for the production company,

Who the fuck is Rod Bailey you say ?

Rod is veteran Canadian super producer "McEnroe"

Up here in Canada we have some talented motherfuckers,

the problem is that most of them are extremely humble,

Unfortunately being humble and music industry shine don't go hand in hand,

It was the same in the ski / snowboard industry, the most serious motherfuckers never opened their mouths,

never bragged or talked shit, just went out and layed it down.

It was the hacks that went to all the industry events and sucked industry cock that ended up getting the spotlight.

This humble factor is what i'm blaming for my sleeping on a movement in my own backyard.

McEnroe runs a label called 'Peanuts and Corn"

Non-fronting, grown man, believable hip hop.

This is exactly the music i want to hear at exactly the right time.

Hip Hop is stale as fuck right now.

Rims + Woodgrain + Syrup + Ghostriding Whips +Cookin crack is all some intriguing and enlightening subject material but enough already, shit's about as fresh as a crack whore panties at sunrise.

McEnroe checked out my blog a couple weeks back and said my politics reminded him of Pipi Skid.

Pipi who ?

Roddy then laced me with Pips album Funny Farm.

Pipi Skid - Funny Farm

01.Pip Skizzy (Very Political)
02.Funny Farm
03. Germ Warfare
04. Super Dope Producers
05. 5:20 AM
06. Jealousy
07. Beer Monster
08. These Colors Don’t Run
09. Magnifique
10. Secrets
11. WMD
12. Alone Again
13. 8 Track Blues
14. My Two Dads

This album is dope and has many standout cuts.(1,2,3,5,7,8,9,11,12)

(Click on 1,3,5 for free download via megaupload.
Track 2 is on heavy rotation.)

Props out to McEnroe as well,
The production is top fucking notch.

I will be shining on more Peanuts and Corn releases in the near future.

Read this article from Uptownmag on McEnroe & Co.

I have added a direct link to Peanuts and Corn in my bookmark section.

No more sleeping on Canadian artists.


Anonymous Prairie Dogg said...

Props on this long over due post !

Don't feel bad TravisT.

Everyone been sleeping on these white boys,

Unlike the majority of dumb downed shit south of the border , Canadian hip hop is much more sophisticated.

That's part of the problem and reason why it hasn't been accepted by the masses.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mcenroe is dope!
Pipi skid is dope !
Gruf is dope !
John Smith is dope !
P&C artists are dope !

P.lot (french fan of P&C)
Your blog is cool...props !

10:34 AM  

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