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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Political rap,
Emcees actually sayin somethin,
Remember those days?

For grown folks those days are long gone.

There are so many ridiculous things happening without any real resistant that its absolutely shocking.

Years of underfunding the public school system,training robotic slaves is now paying off.

When the largest anti-war protests in the history of mankind didn't do a gaddamn thang a couple million people at the very least shoulda took a one way trip to DC if u knawwhatimtalkinbout.

The citizens of not just the United States but most of us in the Western World are complicent in this machine.

Everyone i know is pissed yet no one does a goddamn thang.

Imagine if every one took a week off to sort this shit out.

Massive change could be possible with minimal effort.

but the majority of people are lazy,stupid muthuphukkas.

Rap music today reflects the shitheads we've all become,

Just clowns flapping their gums,no substance, fake, bullshit.

Modern day coonery. (Look into Minstrel shows)

Lost Children of Babylon: Never Die
The Hardest , Most Gangster shit you might ever hear,

1. Intro feat. Allison, J. Tarpey
2. Warning: Boxcutterz On Airplanez feat. DJ Loose Change, DJ M-80
3. America's Fallen Heroes feat. Nina Capone, Goldilocks
4. Dear Mr. President
5. Political Prisoners
6. Never Die
7. Insurgentz feat. Stretch, Omar Da Muhmeen
8. By Any Means Necessary
9. Who Speaks For Us
10. Conspiracy Theory
11. Media12. Propaganda
13. Legend Of The Fall
14. Closed Caption
15. Baptized By Fire
16. Shattered Dreamz
17. Q'uraan & The Kolishnikov
18. Guerilla Militia feat. Haz Lo, Goldilocks, DJ M-80

Get Lost Children

Get Lost Children(BACK UP LINK)

***Thanks to Rob for reminding me the importance of Immortal Technique***

Go to Tech's site and order an album cuz this is where your money should go

Tech Revolution Vol.1 via rapidshare

Tech Revolution Vol.1(megaupload

Tech Revolution Vol.2(rapid)

Black Cargo Mixtape

Portal Immortal

Behind the Bars

Great Music has always been politically motivated, controversial.

When record companies start backing music like this, people like me might wanna spend money on it.

I argue downloading isn't killing the music business but the weak,minstrel like content is.

I enjoy cocaine raps, Beef(genocide?) and that Gangster shit as much as the next guy but the last album i purchased was Cubes solely for the fact that he made" Why We Thugs".

I fuckin love the Clipse for christ sake but i'm sure you need $15 dollars hella more than Pusha and Malice.

Everyone grindin to make ends meet these days.

Does bragging about how rich you are encourage poor people to go out and buy your music ?

Let's hear your thoughts. Drop a comment.

(I don't ask for money just participation)

Here's some genocide rap for those of you that my rant has angered and/or confused.

01. Gillie Da Kid - Interview On Kay Slay Radio.mp3 4.80 MB
02. Lil Wayne ft DJ Khaled - Problem Solver (Gillie Diss).mp3 4.43 MB
03. DJ Kay Slay - Comments On Beef (Weezy & Gillie).mp3 489.65 KB
04. Gillie Da Kid - Warning Shots (Lil Wayne Diss).mp3 4.96 MB
05. Gillie Da Kid - Interview On Kay Slay Radio #2.mp3 4.87 MB
06. Lloyd Banks - Freestyle.mp3 708.42 KB
07. The Game - Here We Go Again (Addresses G-Unit).mp3 2.42 MB
08. Young Buck - Do It Myself.mp3 3.56 MB
09. Tru Life - Freestyle (Dipset Diss).mp3 2.83 MB
10. Peedi Crak - Hit Em Hard.mp3 801.89 KB
11. Interlude.mp3 380.26 KB
12. Drizzy Red - Fuck Benny, Fuck Kutter, Fuck Cannon (Buff City Diss).mp3 2.29 MB
13. S.E. Gang - We Neva Heard Of You.mp3 3.94 MB
14. Benny - Freestyle.mp3 2.45 MB
15. Future - Koolaid Man (DJ Shay Diss).mp3 3.07 MB
16. Interlude #2.mp3 333.32 KB
17. Ludacris - War With God.mp3 2.71 MB
18. TI - I’m Straight.mp3 1.87 MB
19. Rick Ross - Beautiful Moment (TI Diss).mp3 3.74 MB
20. Rick Ross - Down & Out (Akon Diss).mp3 1.47 MB
21. J Young - Tha Ruler.mp3 4.37 MB
22. Polo & Meech - Thundercats.mp3 3.53 MB
23. JR Writer, Jim Jones, & Hell Rell - Goonies.mp3 3.59 MB

Get your Beef

****(Long time fans of this site will have seen a very similar post to this but this is my shit and i'll do this again. Props to Kaz for bein the first cat to drop this in the blogosphere as far as i know)***

*****I will be on a shoot for the next 5 days so updates may or may not be frequent******


Anonymous T-bagg said...

I feel ya on this man. Lost Children released a great album & Tech is one of the straightest cats out there. I've been hook on the damn "Bin Laden" song for the last week & it's still as vivid as it was the first time I heard it way back. Once in awhile it's cool to listen to some of this mainstream shit, but the underground is where the REAL talent lies.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous T-bagg said...

Here's another Tech album also (The 13 Amendments)..

Immortal Technique - The 13 Amendments

01. Bin Laden Remix Feat. Chuck D & KRS-One
02. The People R Shit Feat. Chuggo
03. Field Nigga Boogie Feat. Paris (XLR8R Remix)
04. Coast Control (Produced By Da Riffs)
05. Genesis Feat. Soul Mechanix
06. Never Know Why Feat. CunninLynguists
07. Change Gon Come Feat. Block McCloud & War Mixby
08. Treason Feat. Akir (Dirty As Fuck)
09. Beyond Visual Feat. Ike Eyez
10. Stand Still Feat. Killah Priest & BloodSport (Radio)
11. Grenades Feat. Pumpkinhead
12. Harlem Streets (Unreleased Remix)
13. -BONUS- Belly Of The Beast Feat. El Mesejero & JP (RARE)


1:23 PM  
Blogger crybo said...

Totally agree, I want to hear something that makes me sit up & listen and it's not hip-Pop.
Has anyone got any Linguistic Ventriloquist?

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

his voice is still perfect... the same sad... i listened to this album here: http://lavamus.com/Album/2210970/Jim_Jones/Reppin_Time___We_Fly_High/mp3/

1:20 AM  

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