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Monday, October 16, 2006

Today on Balls and My Word.

"Making a Killing" in Iraq, 9-11 poll numbers reveal everyone knows the government is lying but NO ONE CARES, The Fall of The U.S Dollar and just when you want to slit your wrists Charlie Wilson smooths shit out.

Iraq for Sale - The War Profiteers

Outfoxed was a really,really great doc/expose on Rupert Murdoch's propaganda network. Director Robert Greenwald takes aim at the War in Iraq and the companies literally "making a killing".

Now Senior Republicans are admitting Iraq is fucked .

Fucking Shitheads.

Watch the trailer.


Everyone i talk to these days is a "conspiracy theorist".

16% believe Bush telling truth on 9-11.

What's worse? the 84% that don't do a goddamn thing or that there is actually people out there that believe the government fairy tale.

"The reader may ask how come we do not know what the amount of Dollars in circulation really is? Well, this is highly confidential information almost impossible to discover mainly because, contrary to what most people believe, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) is a private entity....."

"In short and as a crude example of what we are saying, every time the Argentine people need to buy a barrel of oil, we must, as a community, work and toil to earn u$s 57 to buy it. However, every time the US government needs to buy a barrel of oil, it just has to ask the Fed to print u$s 57. Clearly, there is a great difference…"

"The “controlled collapse of the international financial and monetary system” is the next “Great Crisis” which the Real Power Structures of the New World Order have entrusted to George W. Bush and his team, knowing that they have the necessary psychological profile to promote this virtual fraud and robbery on an unprecedented planetary scale. The whole world has witnessed speechlessly at the incredible audacity with which George W. Bush and his team look into the TV cameras and blatantly lie without a blink in their eyes. ........"

The Fall of the U.S Dollar

Get Cee-Dub


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