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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today on Balls.

Bigfoot pleasures a Unicorn, Amerikkka, Land Of The Free ? , Lil Weeziana Mixtape and Wolf "Zionist" Blitzer vs David "Hey ,i use to be Klan" Duke

Land of The Free ?

55 years for a first time weed offender

Mouthkissing your boss is prolly the self-sonning of the century but this is s'posed to be a good tape.
I don't really care about the whole street cred shit anyway.
Most these cats is actors anyhow.
Good music is good music.
Lemme know your thoughts on this.


1.New Orleans (We Fly High freestyle)
2.Non Stop
4.YM Freestyle
5.Im Da Man Flow
6.Show Me What You Got
8.Bang It Out
9.Let's Go Hoe
10.Grew Up A Screw Up
12.All Alone{Wayne) (talks about the Hotboys)
13.Half On A Dank
14.Nigga Wit Money
15.Gimmie Myspace
16.Crazy Pt 2
17.Hollygrove Hood Nuts
18.My Swag
19.New Orleans Classic
20.1000 Miles Downtown
21.Be my Secretary
22.Vans Blow
23.Real Rap Lost Ones Flow
24.Outro.Secret Weapon

Get thru mega

Get thru Sendspace

Wolf Blitzer had David Duke on as a guest.
It was a strange exchange.
Judge for yourselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a funny ass interview I saw it last night and I was tripping. On the hannity radio show today he had someone else that attended that same convention in tehran. As usual he didn't let the man say anything or reply to his questions.

5:15 PM  

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