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Monday, January 14, 2008

My Opening contribution to Freedom

My Opening Contribution towards Freedom

Dear Humans,

The most important election of our lifetime is going down in the United States right now
Recounts ordered with vote fraud already documented in New Hampshire,
greasy machines owned by Diebold tabulating votes with hackable software and NO paper trail are picking your leaders. NOT YOU !!
Lack of action is as complicit as doing these crimes personally.
Don't wait until your kids are micro chipped and the planets uninhabitable.
Borrowing money off the Chinese, to pay ruthless Pakistani dictators billions of dollars, to promote "Democracy in Iraq makes about as much as sense as.........
(Being the President and NOT agreeing to testfy under oath and only WITH Dick Cheney to the 9-11 commission ?.. Ridiculous....)
Everyone one of us has look in the mirror and man the f**k up. It's now or never people. Pretending it's there won't make it go away.
So what about this election Politics don't matter right ?.... Why should you care ?
The more i research the candidates the more i am shocked to tell you the truth.
I've felt sympathetic to the the Democrats especially since this disaster known as Dumbya jacked the presidency 7 years ago.
So you would think that i'd be going for Obama or Hillary. Unfortunately it's more complicated than that
Anyone but a neo-con psycho ,bloodythirsty , war pig ,Republican right ?
Well, the problem is, the more you look the more u realize only there is only 1 Peace Candidate Running that has a chance.
This pro-peace candidate also has set records for grassroots fundraising but networks like Fox smear him repeatedly,diminish and edit him out of there coverage.
Remember Fox is the same network that helped steal Florida from Gore and aired repeatedly the garbage scum attack piece aka Swifboat Veterans Against Kerry.
Unbelievably the man i speak about is a Republican. His voting record shows he has fought for the constitution and freedom for 10 TERMS.
His name is Dr.Ron Paul and he is the only candidate that realizes the nature of the impending foreign policy and economic disasters that are enroute.
If ever there was a time that everybody needed to pay attention that time would be now.
Look into this yourself, and make up your own mind, but digg !!!! 10 minutes of TV news doesn't count.
Do extensive research outside of the 5 mega propaganda companies that own 90% of the airwaves include the 5 major networks and all the newspapers.
When you go online look for what sounds like heartfelt truth and not some spun copy by a corporate lackey.

This is my opening contribution to freedom

For My Canadian and International friends, you need to realize that this next election is more important than you're own.

If you don't already feel like a slave , you will soon and so will your entire family ,it's only a matter of time.

When the 9-11 remix gets dropped don't rush to judgement either because there will be some wicked treachery behind it.

if you agree with what i'm saying then help blog this,chat rooms/forums and get it out to your peoples.

Everyone needs to just make a little effort to bring upon massive change.

Turn off the television on the weekends and do something.



Make sure you read the comments on my video.


Fighting against ridiculous odds and a stacked deck Dr. Paul destroys Pathetic Media Whores and stands out as the Republicans best candidate.
McCain goes crazy with a giggling cross- dressing Guliiani at his side.
Watch President Bush clearly stumble thru blatant lies and an incredible interview with a Vice President who should clearly be impeached.
Unanswered questions from stonewalled 9-11 committee and victims family members
Clips taken from the Republican "debates", American Enterprise Institute, White House Press Briefings ,CNN and CSpan.
A chilling warning from Scott Ritter,The Former UN Weapons Inspector, closes this out.

Response is so good that one of the biggest independant media sites has it's at the top of their ron paul revolution column

The original (guyfromboston w/profanity) edit is now up on the main page @http://www.truthnews.us and www.prisonplanet.com

Ron Paul vs Media Whores and tranvestite warmongers


1ST edit /*** profanity at very end***

This gave me chills first time i watched it,
Amazing !

Ron Paul Unstoppable !!


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