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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You might hate this album but i might disagree.
I happen to be a fan of the Rza's.
His production has been in my ear for over a decade.
I kinda like him on the mic as well.

I just wish the Wu would drop one last classic

1. Show U Love
2. Can't Loose - (featuring Beretta 9)
3. Glocko Pop - (featuring Wu-Tang Clan)
4. Must Be Bobby
5. Brooklyn Babies - (featuring Masta Killa)
6. Domestic Violence Pt. 2 - (featuring Big Gipp)
7. Do U - (featuring GZA/Prodical)
8. Fools - (featuring Killa Sin)
9. La Rhumba - (featuring Method Man/Killa Sin/Berretta 9)
10. Black Widow Pt. 2 - (featuring O.D.B.)
11. Shady - (featuring Intrigue)
12. Break Bread - (featuring Jamie Sommers)
13. Bong Bong - (featuring Berretta 9/Mad Cez)
14. Throw Your Flag Up - (featuring Black Knights)
15. Be A Man
16. Righteous Way - (featuring Jr. Reid)
17. Build Strong - (featuring Tekitha)
18. Sickness

Get Bobby D.

Saw this at Jack's Pound for Pound.

So good i had to UP it here.

"George W. Bush: Words Speak Louder Than Actions. "


Blogger ... MaC JaY ... said...

that bush movie is on point. shit's hella funny

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

The RZA is an oldie but a goodie. I'd forgotten how together it is as a record; I mean, not too many songs stand out as obvious singles or anything like that but it fits together hella well. Driving music, smoking music, music where you don't wanna change the CD.

6:51 AM  

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