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Friday, September 15, 2006

Eazy E aka My Favorite rapper of all time.

Lil' E now carries the torch

01. Lil Eazy - Gangsta Shit
02. Lil Eazy - Lets Get It Crackin
03. Lil Eazy - Letter To My Homeboys
04. Lil Eazy - Me And My Gang
05. Lil Eazy - They Know Me
06. Lil Eazy Feat Bone Thugs N Harmony - This Aint A Game
07. Lil Eazy - Lets Get Paid
08. Lil Eazy Feat Kokane - Life Of A G
09. Lil Eazy - Coming From Compton (GAME DISS)
10. Lil Eazy Feat 2Pac And Notorious BIG - Us Against The World
11. Lil Eazy - Consequences
12. Lil Eazy - That Fire
13. Lil Eazy Feat Kings Of LA - In Tha City

Get Lil E beeyatch

Keith Olbermann does Edward Murrow proud in a bitchslapping of President ? Bush.

This is a must view.


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