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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry X-Mas you leeching faggots.

1. Intro - Guess Who's Back
2. Hip-Hop Warning
3. Hip-Hop is Dead Skit
4. She's Gonna Already Know
5. Let'em Know
6. Tryin To Change Me
7. Picture Me Rollin
8. Chamillionaire Speaks
9. Game Gonna Cost A Fee
10. Game Gonna Cost A Fee Break
11. Ridin Overseas ft. Akon
12. Show Me What Ya Got ft. Famous
13. Answer Machine 2
14. Chamillitary Radio Skit
15. International Money
16. I Run It
17. Get Ya Umbrellas Out
18. Get Ya Umbrella Break
19. Man Hold Up
20. Roll Call Reloaded
21. Outro

Get Mixtape Messiah 2


Anonymous jrrider said...

Fuck you!!!! Thanks for the mixtape

5:27 PM  
Anonymous complexone said...

yeah, eat a dick. Happy Holidays, though!

12:09 AM  

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