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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

|01| Jayz - Turn His Lights Off |[01:34]|
|02| Nas - Where Yall At? |[03:46]|
|03| Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent - Hands Up |[03:35]|
|04| The Game Ft.Riz - We Got Your Money |[02:43]|
|05| Jim Jones Ft.Max B - Controversy |[03:35]|
|06| Jr Writer - Man Up |[04:15]|
|07| Hell Rell - Fuckin Wit Me |[02:59]|
|08| Styles P Ft.Note - Talkin Sideways |[02:45]|
|09| Sheek Louch Ft.Bully - Bang Bang |[02:14]|
|10| Jim Jones Ft.Max B - Dont Forget |[01:04]|
|11| Max B Ft.Stack Bundles - New York New York |[03:36]|
|12| Jr Writer - New Kid In Town |[03:48]|
|13| Papoose Ft.Akon - Go To War |[03:50]|
| | (Produced By Green Lantern) | |
|14| Ray Cash Ft.Beanie Sigel - A Better Day |[02:32]|
|15| Freeway - On My Philly Shit |[03:21]|
|16| T.I - Kick It At The Hotel |[04:00]|
|17| Eve Ft.T.I - He Cant See Me |[03:25]|
|18| Shawty Ft.Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - Im The Man |[03:28]|
|19| Project Pat Ft.Young Jeezy & Lyfe Jeenings - Tell |[02:25]|
|20| Rick Ross Ft.Dre - Blow |[03:22]|
|21| Chamillionare Ft.Game & DJ Quick - Riding Dirty |[04:33]|
| | (West Coast Remix) | |
|22| U.G.K - Good Weather Music |[02:02]|
|23| Boyz In Da Hood Ft.Lil Wayne & T.I - Bop |[04:06]|
|24| Question - Big Mike Flow |[02:33]|
|25| Young French - What You Sippin On |[01:43]|
|26| El Dorado Red - Niggaz Gonna Die |[02:34]|

Get Trafficking

Sunday, June 25, 2006

By the looks of the tracklisting and Skee's cosign this might be worthy.

01 • Va - The Arraignment (Intro)
02 • Ice Cube & Wc - G Shit
03 • Wc, Xzibit, Mc Ren & Maylay - Roll on Em
04 • Damani & Wc - The Wait is Over Remix
05 • Va - South Central (Skit)
06 • The Game & Gusto - Will I Die
07 • Va - Definiton of A Mixtape (Skit)
08 • Mad Cj Mac - You Ain't Shit!!!
09 • Soopafly & Kurupt - Gangbang Music
10 • Snoop Dogg & Wc - This Life
11 • King Tee, Maylay & Roscoe – The Rat Pack
12 • Ice Cube - Mixtape Shit
13 • Daz - How to Survive in Lbc
14 • Wc - It's Going Down
15 • Wc, Jayo Felony & Maylay - We See You *****z
16 • Va - The Powa of. Mix-T-A-P-E-S (Skit)
17 • Bad Lucc - Where You form
18 • P.S. - Hoodrat Bitch Part 3
19 • Ice Cube - Why We Thugs
20 • Soopafly - Bangin West Coast
21 • Va - You Can Have A Crazy Tape (Skit)
22 • Black Ty Aka Tyrese - New West Order
23 • Va - Outro

Get Crazy via Sendspace

Get Crazy via Rapidshare


dbl click to enlarge

Can't go wrong when it comes to Snoop,Daz and Kurupt.

The cameo count is off the charts on this one.

JFK Speech on Secret Societies and the importance of a free press.


JFK > any Bush

Checked out Boots Riley / The Coup last night at the World Urban Festival in Vancouver.

Unlike 95% of the carbon copy chumps rhyming today, Boots incorporates searing and poignant social commentary into his music.

Weather couldn't have been better.The show was outside and started off with "We are the Ones" off of his new album "Pick a bigger weapon". (I put this on my latest mixtape )

He immediately had the crowd of over a 1000 paying attention. He had a live band backing him up instead of his DJ, which worked really well on this track.Boots brought the funk and the very diverse crowd was definitely feeling it.

I think the strongest moment of the show came a couple tracks in,when his guitar player blew his amp.

Instead of walking off the stage while they fixed the problem Boots kicked a 10 min. acapella.

We've all seen some garbage hip hop shows and i can honestly say this WAS NOT one of them.

Do yourself a favor and get familiar with The Coup.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Say what u want about Ice-T but his contribution to the game (and his pimp hand) is second to none.

Just some classic shit here...

1. Intro
2. Power
3. Drama
4. Heartbeat
5. Sundicate, The
6. Radio Suckers
7. I'm Your Pusher
8. Personal
9. Girls L.G.B.N.A.F.
10. High Rollers
11. Grand Larceny
12. Soul On Ice
13. Outro

Get Power

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Damn that shit was dope"

Straight Outta Compton

We want Eazy

Arsenio Hall appearance dissing Dre and performance of Real Mothafuckin Gz


Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Ball mixes the latest hot shit with timeless heaters and ridiculous shit talking in between." - ROLLING STONE

"Dj Ball has caught the underground's attention with his last 2 offerings." - Vibe

"These days i have only 2 concerns, The imminent threat of Global Warming, and Dj Ball." - Al Gore

" Ball always brings the heat,some argue that he keeps his ear to the streets, i would say his ear IS the streets. ." - XXL editorial


1st HALF

2nd HALF


1st HALF

2nd HALF

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Get Banks' NY Shit

Re-up of one of the best mixtapes of the year.

If you slept on this earlier, now's your chance to wake the fuck up.

There's at least 10 tracks that will end up on your I-Pod,

which is exceptional with all the watered down shit these days.

Disc 1
1 - Loso's Way Freestyle - Fabolous
2 - They Like Me - Fabolous
3 - Can I Live - Fabolous feat. Ransom, Paul Cain, Stack Bundles & Jaz
4 - Baby (remix) - Fabolous feat. Lil Mo
5 - Bling Bloaw Part 2 - Red Cafe feat. Fabolous & Paul Wall
6 - Whatever I Wan' Do - Fabolous
7 - How We Do It - Fabolous feat. Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla & Paul Cain
8 - Walk Like It, Talk Like It - Fabolous feat. Ransom & Stack Bundles
9 - Don't Forget About Us (remix) - Mariah Carey feat. Fabolous & Styles P.
10 - Get Yo Money - Fabolous
11 - Murda (We Don't Believe You) - Fabolous feat. Paul Cain
DJ Clue & Fabolous & The Street Family - Losos Way (Rise To power)-

12 - You Can't Slow Me Down - Fabolous feat. Red Cafe & Joe Budden
13 - The Hitmen - Fabolous feat. The Lox & J Hood
14 - You Don't Know Freestyle - Fabolous
15 - Smokin' & Sippin' - Fabolous feat. Paul Cain & Magnificent [produced by CHOPS]
16 - Computer Love - Fabolous
17 - Bars R' Us - Fabolous feat. Ransom & Paul Cain
18 - Gotta Go Freestyle - Fabolous
19 - Sit Em' Sideways - Fabolous feat. Bleu Davinci
20 - Some Say - Fabolous feat. Dilli & Paul Cain
21 - Just Grind - Fabolous feat. Busta Rhymes
22 - I'm The Sh*t - Fabolous
23 - Make It Hot - Paul Cain feat. Notorious B.I.G.
24 - Dale (remix) - Don Omar feat. Fabolous & Swizz Beatz

Get Loso's way beeyatch

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some gangster shit for you.

Here's 2 reasons why B.G is one of the coldest in the game

I put these up on yousendit.

They won't last

Kill or be Killed.mp3

U all N .mp3

Peep this,

Greedy Landlord fucks South Central Los Angeles

Learn how to deal with a police officer

Housing Bubble correction could be severe

World's Image of U.S. Slips Further, Survey Shows

Monday, June 12, 2006

Just watched the Al Gore- Global Warming- documentary.

Everybody should be forced to sit thru this.

Some serious, serious shit indeed.

Drastic changes need to be made sooner than later.

Unfortunately, the current political leadership doesn't believe in science.

It's time people pushed these chumps out of the way and grabbed the reigns .

It's your responsibilty as a human being to go see this film.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

If this catologue isn't part of your collection you need to seriously question the point of your existence and that of your entire family tree.

1. Boyz-N-The-Hood
2. 8 Ball
3. Dunk The Funk
4. Bitch Iz A Bitch, A
5. Drink It Up
6. Panic Zone
7. L. A. Is The Place
8. Dope Man
9. Tuffest Man Alive
10. Fat Girl
11. 3 The Hard Way

Link Fixed

Get NWA +Posse

1. Straight Outta Compton
2. Fuck Tha Police
3. Gangsta Gangsta
4. If It Ain't Ruff
5. Parental Discretion Iz Advised
6. 8 Ball - (remix)
7. Something Like That
8. Express Yourself
9. Compton's N The House - (remix)
10. I Ain't Tha 1
11. Dopeman - (remix)
12. Quiet On Tha Set
13. Something 2 Dance 2


1. 100 Miles and Runnin'
2. Just Don't Bite It
3. Sa Prize, Pt. 2
4. Real Niggaz
5. Kamurshol

Get Runnin

1. Prelude
2. Real Niggaz Don't Die
3. Niggaz 4 Life
4. Protest
5. Appetite For Destruction
6. Don't Drink That Wine
7. Alwayz Into Somethin'
8. Message To B. A.
9. Real Niggaz
10. To Kill A Hooker
11. One Less Bitch
12. Findum, Fuckum & Flee
13. Automobile
14. She Swallowed It
15. I'd Rather Fuck You
16. Approach To Danger
17. 1-900-2-COMPTON
18. Dayz Of Wayback, The

Get Efil4zaggin

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Daniel Ellsberg Interview

The day after the next 9/11 our freedoms are gone.

In 1971, as a Defense Department Official and Vietnam Vet, he "released" 7,000 pages of Nixon's secret war plans, "The Pentagon Papers", to The New York Times. Placing him at the top of Nixon's "Enemies List" and having Henry Kissinger call his "The most dangerous man in the world!"

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


It's almost over and just, well........

I ain't calling myself "NASTRA-TRAVIS" here folks but goddamn.

On my mixtape Ball 3 ( finished a week ago)

i mention that "it's gonna be a bitch for Canada with Harper in power. he's gonna play ball"

I was referring to the upside for the U.S Republicans and minority Canadian Conservative's for a 9-11 type occurance in Canada.

A major terror strike in Canada would re-strike more fear for Americans and boost Bush sagging poll numbers.

Harper will escalate his consolidation of power in Canada, Huge Increases in government military spending, and all the Bush admin. bullshit will be followed.

This was the too-obvious future i predicted last week.

part of me thought "do they think people are this stupid ? "

YEP ... YEP ...... Y E S S I R .


Today a Canadian cell of muslim "extremists" was caught planning a terror campaign including the beheading of Prime Minister Harper and blowing up the Toronto CBC ( makes sense when you consider the cbc is often called a source of " Leftist Propaganda" )

Here's a 666 gift for all the canadians that have " their Head up"





Friday, June 02, 2006

**** Updated **** Sat. 530pm west coast time

Gave the faithful a group of highly sought after mixtapes,

now tho,

I'd like for all of you greasy bastards to sit down and focus,

put the bong down and let me re-introduce

Lorenzo Patterson

This is the shit


( Shock of the Hour = Soon)

1. Intro: Check It Out Y'all
2. Behind The Scenes
3. Final Frontier
4. Right Up My Alley
5. Hounddogz
6. Kizz My Black Azz

Get Ren

**** for any off u new jacks sleepin on Ren , play track 2 loud to mommy .****

More Ren you thirsty little bitches.

Get Shocked by Ren
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