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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

America's premier intellect has something worth reading while you sample some music.

Noam Chomsky: Why it's over for America

Chomsky was instrumental to me and reading his books opened my eyes to mainstream media propaganda and the military/industrial complex rule we all live under.

This was on the Arctic Beacon and is worthwhile as well

Harvard Grad Warns Americans Of 'Hell-On-Earth' Planned By New World Order

Ignorance is most definitely bliss.

Here's some shit for the rest of you.

"Coke's the new weed" - Kashie

Coca-ina wikipedia

1 - Intro - Pusha
2 - You'll See - Pusha, Sandman, Liva, Lil' Skateboard P
3 - Coast To Coast - Pusha, Liva, Sandman
4 - Interlude - Pusha
5 - I Shot Ya - Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice
6 - Re-Up Anthem - Liva, Pusha, Sandman
7 - You Know My Style - Pusha, Sandman, Liva, Malice
8 - Interlude - Pusha
9 - Drop It Like Its Hot - Malice, Liva, Sandman
10 - Niggas Know - Liva, Pusha, Sandman
11 - Stay From Around Me - Pusha, Liva, Sandman
12 - Interlude - Hassan, Voice Of Reason
13 - Studin' Yall - Clipse
14 - Interlude - Pusha
15 - Radical - Sandman Solo Freestyle
16 - Don't Let Me Die - Liva Solo Freestyle
17 - Interlude - Pusha
18 - Just A B-Boy - Sandman
19 - Interlude - Pusha
20 - The Sermon - Liva
21 - Nothing Like It - Liva, Sandman
22 - Queen Bitch - Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice
23 - Cross The Border - Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice
24 - Pussy (remix) - Pusha, Malice, Liva, Sandman
25 - Outro - Pusha

Get Vol. 1

1 - Previously On We Got It 4 Cheap
2 - Re-Up Intro (Pusha, Sandman, Malice, Liva)
3 - What's Up (Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice, Pharrell)
4 - Run This Shit (Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice)
5 - Roll With The Winners (Pusha, Liva, Malice, Sandman)
6 - Mic Check (Liva, Pusha, Malice, Sandman)
7 - Interlude (Pusha)
8 - Zen (Pusha, Sandman, Liva, Malice)
9 - Hate It Or Love It (Pusha, Sandman, Liva, Malice)
10 - Play Your Part (Pusha, Liva, Sandman, Malice, Pharrell)
11 - Monopoly (Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice)
12 - The Corner (Liva, Pusha, Malice, Sandman)
13 - Im A Hustla (Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice)
14 - Daytona 500 (Sandman, Pusha, Liva, Malice)
15 - Maybe Interlude (Pusha)
16 - Maybe Remix (Pharrell Exclusive)
17 - One Thing (Liva, Pusha, Sandman, Malice)
18 - Ultimate Flow (Pusha, Sandman, Malice, Liva)

Get Vol.2

Monday, May 29, 2006

Been a minute but i'm back with some mixtapes.
Enjoy muphukkas....

Get Unc Murder

1. southern style djs - intro 0:40
2. three 6 mafia - intro 2 0:30
3. three 6 mafia - intro 3 0:48
4. three 6 mafia - who run it 1:19
5. three 6 mafia - where the gs at 2:10
6. three 6 mafia - i got cheese 2:26
7. three 6 mafia - stay fly 2:58
8. three 6 mafia - sippin on syrup 3:37
9. three 6 mafia - baby mama 3:07
10. three 6 mafia - get from round here 3:08
11. three 6 mafia - dis bitch dat hoe 3:06
12. three 6 mafia - weak ass bitch 2:42
13. three 6 mafia - dont play with me 1 1:10
14. three 6 mafia ft. franchize - dont play with me 2 2:45
15. loko dj unk bun b - like me 4:34
16. baby d ft. dj unk - whats crackin 3:01
17. three 6 mafia - late nite tip 1 2:19
18. three 6 mafia - late nite tip 2 1:23
19. three 6 mafia - slangin rocks skit 0:47
20. three 6 mafia - riding spinners 2:55
21. three 6 mafia - 2way freak 3:05
22. three 6 mafia - interlude 0:23
23. three 6 mafia - slob on my nob 2:01
24. three 6 mafia - dont turn around (project pat 4:03
25. djay - hard out here for a pimp 2:35
26. oomp camp - what it do 3:57
27. three 6 mafia - poppin my collar 2:39
28. tango redd ft. three 6 mafia - do the matrix 3:48

Get Best of 3-6

1. Clipse Introduction 0:36
2. You'll See (Dainjah Remix) feat. Pharrell 3:12
3. Mr. Me Too feat. Pharrell 3:10
4. I Shot Ya!! (The Amps Remix) 3:01
5. Beastie Boys (Green Lantern Freestyle) 2:13
6. Coast II Coast (Jake One & Dainjah Remix) 2:49
7. See The Light (Benzi Refix) 1:05
8. Sweet Like Lick-Erish feat. Fresh 1:55
9. Dopeman (Remix) feat. Hotwright 2:09
10. Lil G's feat. Pharrell & Phillys Most Wanted 2:23
11. Re-Up Anthem (Nick Catchdubs Remix) 3:24
12. Itchin' To Get Ya feat. Rosco P Coldchain 2:52
13. Cross The Border (A Brucker & Sinden Remix) 3:08
14. Hard Or Soft (Joey Fingaz Freestyle) 2:30
15. Crew Deep (Remix) feat. Missy Elliot & Pharrell 2:10
16. Hitman 4 Hire feat. Red Cafe 1:44
17. Double Down feat. Vybz Kartel (Prod. Disco D) 1:50
18. Drop It (Les Biches Remix) 2:29
19. Do What You Do (Remix) feat. Drake 1:09
20. Quaterbackin' (DJ Quik Remix) feat. E-40 1:46
21. You Know My Style (Al Sween Remix) 2:55
22. This Beat Is Hot feat. Rosco P Coldchain 1:05
23. Move (Remix) feat. Damani & Kardinal Offishall 2:45
24. Stuntin Y'All (Ghislain Poirier Remix) feat. 2:41
25. Definition Of A Roller (Prod. Dame Grease) 2:35
26. Stay From Around Me (MGO Remix) 3:01
27. Queen Bitch (Diplo Remix) 2:15
28. Get It w/ Amplified 2:49
29. Money Talks feat. Jiggalo 2:22
30. Re-Up Gang Freestyle (Live On Shade45) 9:54

Get The Remix

01 Dolby Nigga
02 Pay Jimmy Iovine The Money Skit
03Gang Green Season
04 New York City (Snippet)
05 The Shitty City (featuring 50 Cent)
06 The Work Out Part 4 (featuring 50 Cent)
07 Money Is Power Skit
08 The Cake (featuring 50 Cent)
09 My House (Produced By Timbaland)
10 Take A Picture
11 Dead Nigga Storage Skit
12 Killa's Theme (featuring Tony Yayo)
13 Lamborghini Lloyd
14 Special
15 I'm Back
16 Banks Taking My Pop Off Skit
17 The Rush
18 Jamie Foxx Interlude
19 1970 Something
20 1 Shot Deal
21 70 Bars
22 Been Around The World

Get Banks

Get Un Kasa

1. Big Pokey - Freestyle (UNLV-Drag Em N Tha River) 4:29
2. Big Moe & Big Pokey - Freestyle 4:24
3. Z-Ro, Yungstar, & T-Pop - Freestyle (Carlos 4:06
Santana-Maria Maria)
4. Yungstar - Freestyle (R. Kelly-Fiesta Remix) 6:38
5. Lil' O - Back Back 4:19
6. HAWK - H-Town Stomp 4:16
7. Lil' Keke - Unknown 4:04
8. Big Pokey & Big Moe - Freestyle 4:56
9. Lil' O, HAWK, Big Pokey, Lil' Keke, ESG, & 3:52
Mike D - Stop Then Look
10. Yungstar - Freestyle 3:35
11. Big Moe, Grace, Willean, & LOS - Freestyle 7:35
(Destiny's Child-Survivor)
12. Nino, ESG, & Big Pokey - Hold Up 3:56
13. Z-Ro - Freestyle 4:16
14. Z-Ro - Freestyle (Nas-Oochie Wally) 4:14
15. Z-Ro - Freestyle (Dr. Dre-Explosive) 4:01

Get Z-Ro + SUC

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006

If you don't remember Mr.Flamboyant (track 5) there is something seriously wrong with you.

Get Down and Dirty

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sunday, May 21, 2006

If i could only have one album, this just might be it.

1. Still Talkin'
2. Nobody Move
3. 2 Hard Mutha's
4. Boyz-N-The-Hood - (remix)
5. Eazy-Duz-It
6. We Want Eazy
7. Eazy-Er Said Than Dunn
8. Radio
9. No More ?'s
10. I'mma Break It Down
11. Eazy Verse 8 Chapter 10

Get Eazy

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This post is long over due.

1. Balls And My Word
2. Recognize
3. On My Grind
4. Bitch Nigga
5. Stuck At A Standstill
6. Strapped
7. Only Your Mother
8. Make Your Peace
9. Spend The Night
10. Mary II
11. Dirty Money
12. F*ck'n With Face
13. Invincible
14. Real Nigga Blues

Get Balls and My Word

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

You might hate this album but i might disagree.
I happen to be a fan of the Rza's.
His production has been in my ear for over a decade.
I kinda like him on the mic as well.

I just wish the Wu would drop one last classic

1. Show U Love
2. Can't Loose - (featuring Beretta 9)
3. Glocko Pop - (featuring Wu-Tang Clan)
4. Must Be Bobby
5. Brooklyn Babies - (featuring Masta Killa)
6. Domestic Violence Pt. 2 - (featuring Big Gipp)
7. Do U - (featuring GZA/Prodical)
8. Fools - (featuring Killa Sin)
9. La Rhumba - (featuring Method Man/Killa Sin/Berretta 9)
10. Black Widow Pt. 2 - (featuring O.D.B.)
11. Shady - (featuring Intrigue)
12. Break Bread - (featuring Jamie Sommers)
13. Bong Bong - (featuring Berretta 9/Mad Cez)
14. Throw Your Flag Up - (featuring Black Knights)
15. Be A Man
16. Righteous Way - (featuring Jr. Reid)
17. Build Strong - (featuring Tekitha)
18. Sickness

Get Bobby D.

Saw this at Jack's Pound for Pound.

So good i had to UP it here.

"George W. Bush: Words Speak Louder Than Actions. "

Monday, May 15, 2006

When i originally found this great album on Kaz's Rap dungeon my site was seeing barely a hundred visitors a day.
It's now at 6-800 a day so i thought it was time for the re-up.

1. Intro feat. Allison, J. Tarpey
2. Warning: Boxcutterz On Airplanez feat. DJ Loose Change, DJ M-80
3. America's Fallen Heroes feat. Nina Capone, Goldilocks
4. Dear Mr. President
5. Political Prisoners
6. Never Die
7. Insurgentz feat. Stretch, Omar Da Muhmeen
8. By Any Means Necessary
9. Who Speaks For Us
10. Conspiracy Theory
11. Media12. Propaganda
13. Legend Of The Fall
14. Closed Caption
15. Baptized By Fire
16. Shattered Dreamz
17. Q'uraan & The Kolishnikov
18. Guerilla Militia feat. Haz Lo, Goldilocks, DJ M-80

Get Lost Children

Get Lost Children(BACK UP LINK)


1. Intro - (with Marvin Dixion)
2. Boy - (featuring The Lost Tribe/JV)
3. Sitting On D's - (featuring IZM)
4. Get On Up - (featuring The Lost Tribe/Money Mark of Tre+6/JV)
5. America - (featuring Society)
6. Shut Up - (featuring Deuce Poppito/Trina Co.)
7. Thug For Life - (featuring Kase & Mystic of The Lost Tribe)
8. Hoe Skit
9. Walking Like A Hoe
10. Trying To Stop Smoking - (featuring Mystikal)
11. Bout My Money
12. Could It Be - (featuring Twista)
13. Thug Life Again - (featuring Mark of Tre+6)
14. Gotta Let You Have It - (featuring Buddy Roe)
15. Hoe But Can't Help It - (featuring Buddy Roe)
16. Outro - (with Marvin Dixion)

Get Trick

Friday, May 12, 2006

1. Holler If Ya Hear Me
2. Pac's Theme (Interlude)
3. Point The Finga
4. Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)
5. Last Wordz Listen
6. Souljah's Revenge
7. Peep Game
8. Strugglin'
9. Guess Who's Back
10. Representin' 93
11. Keep Ya Head Up
12. Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z...
13. The Streetz R Deathrow
14. I Get Around
15. Papa'z Song
16. 5 Deadly Venomz

Get some early Pac

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Get Ya Heat


It's funny when i hear shitheads call CNN a bastion for left wing liberals.

The letter from the President of Iran got minor play today.

I read the piece yesterday Link Here and thought the man had a lot of good points, albeit a lil too heavy on the God stuff for me.

Actually , He sounded more human than Pinocchio and his gang of traitors.

Almost everyone is now aware of mainstream media bias and one sided opinion pieces passed off as "news",

and if you watched cnn today you would have seen this dynamic in action.

Regarding the letter, CNN brought out a couple "experts"

Ex-(Diplomat? )Secretary of State Eagleburger said he wasn't even gonna bother try to pronounce the Iranians last name, said the letter wasn't worth reading, and it was too long. He also noted that the United States should avoid direct negotiations with Iran.

The other "expert" CNN brought to "balance" the first opinion was the former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyhu who compared the Iranian to Hitler.

Neither "expert" addressed or even mentioned the letter's reference to government complicity relating to 9-11, illegal wars or U.S run torture camps ala Abu Ghraib or Guantonamo

Another worthy Daily Show clip.

John Stewart examines Rumsfield's lies and exposes the mainstream "media" for it's ridiculous bias.



Buzzflash- Ray McGovern interview Read Here

Thank god for the internet and independant news.

Here's an exerpt from something i read today.

Ever been in a citywide blackout? One that lasted for more than a few hours and stretched on into the night? Ever see people suddenly shift gears and become astoundingly helpful and polite and sharing? Happens in a matter of moments. Disasters do it. Katrina did it on a scale we haven't seen in years. Sept. 11 did it, emotionally speaking, before BushCo whored that tragedy and turned it into the most vile political poker chip in American history. Shocking change brings people together. Brings out the best in humans. Or at least makes you rethink what's truly important in your life.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Took this Picture of Daz a few months ago. Was front row with my brother watching Daz and Kurupt light it up. That show kicked ass. Never thought i'd get to see them perform again. Glad they squashed their shit.

Now they back together and happy as can be.

I wish more people had the maturity to put their ego's aside.

Any way,

Here's a 12 pack of crack,

Get these while the links are up.

All Around Heat.

Daz and Kurupt (ft.JD) It's my Thing(remix)

Crooked I This is How we do this

Crooked I Creased Khaki Flow

Smoov-E ft. Andre Nickatina Smoov Biscuit Time

J-Diggs Diggs Dance(R.I.P Mac Dre)

Lost Children of Babylon Never Die

Mac Dre/Thizzelle Washington Mac Named Dre

Andre Nickatina Bay Shit

Trae ft. H.a.w.k,Pimp C, Fat Pat Swang remix

The Coup Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada last night

Sir Mix A-Lot Posse on Broadway

Necro Billie Jean 2005

Get Worldwide Warfare

1. Intro
2. Sean Price - jamaican
3. CL Smooth - smoke in the ear (djosk blend)
4. M-1 Interlude
5. Supastition - hate my face
6. Maylay Sparks/Kenneth Masters - just get down
7. El da sensei - crowd pleasa
8. M-1 - till we get there
9. Little Vic - the exorcist (djosk blend)
10.Lyrics Born ft.Evidence/KRS-One - pack up remix (djosk blend)
11.Alkaholiks - party ya ass off (djosk blend)
12.M-1 Interlude
13.M-1 ft.Ghostface Killah/Raekwon - been through
14.Keith Murray - ain't worried about (Prod. Erick Sermon)
15.Kaze - blood thicker than blood
16.Masta ace,Wordsworth,Stricklin & Punchline - 4 brothers (Premiere)
17.Supastition ft. Phonte/Big Pooh - soul control
18.Classified ft. Royce da 5'9"/Choclair - unexplainable hunger (Premiere)
19.Craig G - new york, new york (Prod. Marley marl)
20.M-1 ft.Stic-man (Dead Prez) - Early
21.Tek - nothing's gonna change
22.M-1 Interlude
23.Blaq Poet - psycho
24.A.P. - I wish
25.Sadat X ft.Heltah Skeltah - the great diamond d
26.Kardinall Offishall ft.Vybz Kartel - E.G.G.
27.Scarface ft.Product - i'm a ...
28.Notorious BIG,Jay-Z,Nas - the best (Unreleased)
29.AZ - Animal
30.Blaq Poet - bloody mess (Prod. Alchemist)
31.Little Vic - non filter
32.Curtains - that's what it is (bonus track)
Been busy as a mothapkukka,but wanted to throw down a quick condelance shout out to Emotionz and his 4th World boys.I've watched friends die so i know how u guys are feeling. Hold your boys dear and go out and represent them.You guys all talented and Dave,your deadly. Wanna get some videos going mayne.

I'ts a quite of gang of emails coming from my reg's on here and i appreciate all the feed back.It's split between the rap heads and the political cats and to tell you the truth most of all you guys are very much in common.

I know alot of these other forums/blogs are people complaining about the same shitty job ,governments, are doing for the average joe. So instead of preaching to the choir all the time, go and do battle on the conservative blogs.

Hammer those warmongering, conservative, crooked ass shitheads.

Those cats are douchebags and need to stopped.

Everyone getting it in the ass these days except the Top 1% ,

Top tens Forbes companies are mainly Bankers and oil.

This corporate shit is poisoning the world in my opinion,

Something needs to drastically change, and that my friends is gonna be some serious shit.

Time to " Man the Fuck Up"

Sunday, May 07, 2006

In case you don't know bout Andre Nickatina,
you better recognize.

1. Bakin' Soda In Minnesota
2. Daiquiri Factory
3. Rummpa Bum Bum
4. Nickatina Says
5. Gingerbread Man
6. King Nicky's Crown - (featuring Lolo Swift)
7. Ghost Of Fillmoe
8. Al Capone Suite, The - (featuring Eqipto Of Board Stiff)
9. Birds With No Wings
10. Cherry Colored Benz (Rose)
11. Alphabet Soup - (featuring Lolo Swift)
12. Fears Of A Coke Lord
13. Bobby Shaw Is My Tiga
14. Little Coco
15. Bonus Track - (featuring Lolo Swift)
16. Awake Like An Owl
17. Last Rap I'll Ever Write - (acapella)

Get Coke Raps 2

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Another in Chamillionaire's seemingly endless string of mixtapes, Chamilitary is also a fine loss-leader compilation of the artists signed to the rapper/producer's label of the same name. After a statement of purpose intro track that's also an excellent example of Chamillionaire's own mic skills, the album is mostly a showcase for Rasaq and 50/50 (who gets five solo tracks of his own). Both of them are solid rappers, each with a more than adequate presence and flow, but the irony of the album is that even without trying to, Chamillionaire's mixture of skills, production savvy, and charisma tends to overshadow his protégés. His solo tracks "Get Outta Here" and "Roll wit Me" are the album's highest points, the latter built on a thin, needly arrangement that enhances the starkness of the lyrics. It might be a label sampler, but Chamilitary mostly plays up the label head's talents instead of that of his signings. ~ Stewart Mason, All Music Guide


Not a bad week at all,

Stephen Colbert started it off by slaying the "administration" and media lapdogs on there home turf. (The corporate,mainstream media more or less censored the schooling)That was beautiful.
Thank god for patriots such as him. In case you missed it Click here

Then later on in the week Donald Rumsfeld got his ass handed to him by Ray McGovern in a hostile rooom filled with war mongering shitheads.An old lady was tossed out as well as a man that shouted at Rummy caling him a war criminal. Click here


Last but not least,

Porter "i'm not qualified to run the CIA" Goss resigned.

He's a key Bush allly so this might not be the greatest news.

why u say?

His exit might be foreshadowing another 9-11 type event. Click here for one mans opinion

With the polls looking as grim as they are,the Iraq disaster and Rove investigations this President needs another major catastrophe to capitalize on.

i hope i'm wrong......

I'm uppin the Loose Change video as well.The traffic here as increased dramatically of late and i want all my new regulars to watch this.

The re-up of something every American needs to watch

"Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we." George W. Bush, August 5, 2004

Friday, May 05, 2006

Here's the re-up.

If you don't have this you lost.

1. "Alive On Arrival" Intro
2. "Vacation's Over" - Russell Simmons
3. Did You Miss Me, pt. 1 - DJ Green Lantern feat. Juelz Santana
4. Got Me On My Shit - Jay-Z (Green Lantern mix)
5. Shotgun Season - Fat Joe feat. Styles P. [produced by Green Lantern]
6. Never Scared - Beanie Sigel feat. Tru Life [produced by Green Lantern]
7. The Ice Cream Man - Pharrell [produced by Green Lantern]
8. Swizz Beatz Interlude
9. All I Know - DJ Green Lantern feat. Akon & Hell Rell [produced by Green Lantern]
10. "Survivor" Freestyle - Ghostface
11. License To Kill (remix II) - Papoose feat. Mobb Deep [produced by Green Lantern]
12. Ride With A 'G' - T.I. feat. Fat Joe (Green Lantern mix)
13. Interlude
14. New York - DJ Green Lantern feat. Jae Millz, Stack Bundles, Cory Gunz & Maino [produced by Green Lantern]
15. Your Longest Trip - Beanie Sigel (Green Lantern mix)
16. C.R.A.C.K. - Juelz Santana feat. 38 Special (Invasion)
17. Hustler's Prayer - Notorious B.I.G. feat. Jim Jones [produced by Green Lantern]
18. George Bush Interlude
19. Impeach The President - DJ Green Lantern feat. dead prez, Saigon, Immortal Technique & Just Blaze
20. Presidential Interlude - Wyclef
21. Bronx Blocks - Remy Martin
22. Blow His Head Off - Busta Rhymes feat. Ghostface [produced by Green Lantern]
23. The Click - J.R. Writer [produced by Green Lantern]
24. Young Jeezy & Lil' Wayne Interlude
25. In My Life - Mike Jones feat. The Boy Short (RSMG)
26. Get Ya Pay - T.I. feat. Bun B. & Rakim [produced by Green Lantern]
27. Top Down - Memphis Bleek [produced by Green Lantern]
28. Sow You What I'm Workin' Wit - DJ Green Lantern feat. Juelz Santana & Dem Fanchise Boyz [produced by Green Lantern]
29. We G's - Kool G. Rap & Prinz [produced by Green Lantern]
30. Alive On Arrival - Kardinal Offishall
31. Real Good - Nucci Reyo
32. Who's That? - Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip [produced by Green Lantern]
33. Did You Miss Me, pt. 2 - Juelz Santana
34. BONUS: Dresscode - Torch [produced by Green Lantern]
35. BONUS: Lean On 'Em - Mag

Get Green

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here's a lil Mike Jones and Magno to start your day off.

Get your 1st Round draft picks

Song Title
1. Skit Intro
2. Day 2 Day Grinding - (featuring Chamillionaire)
3. U Ballin - (featuring Slim Thug)
4. U Don't Work, U Don't Eat
5. Skit
6. Coming Out Hard
7. Cutting
8. We Got Em - (featuring Keri Thomas & Chelcie Guidry)
9. From Da City - (featuring Chalie Boy Of Da Freestyle Kings)
10. U Feel Good Dont' U
11. Freestyle
12. Swishahouse N This Mutha
13. Chant
14. Rookie Of Da Year
15. Ghetto Cry - (featuring Thyra Of Da Woodgrain Boyz)
1. U Ballin
2. Coming Out Hard
3. On Da Block
4. Day 2 Day Grindin'
5. We Got Em
6. Don't Work U Don't Eat
7. Its Mango
8. Cuttin
9. Swishahouse N This Mutha
10. Chant
11. From Da City
12. U Feel Good Dont' U
13. Freestyle
14. Rookie Of The Year
15. Ghetto Cry

1. Don't Do it
2. Rodney The Geek
3. Female F.E.D.
4. Mic Is Mine, The
5. Tic Tac
6. Media Hype
7. Together
8. Snitches & Bitches
9. Lifestyle As A Gangsta
10. 415
11. Five MC's
12. Side Show
13. Ruthless Is Reality
14. Making Records

Get Richie Rich Bitch

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

No homo.


1. Da Freestyle King Award
2. I Got Flow
3. Everyday - (featuring T.C./Lil Marquice/Taz/Shasta/Cresia)
4. My Block - (featuring Crime/Dante Of Menance Clan/Godfather)
5. Gotta Be Me - (featuring Cresia)
6. Put Yo Fist Up - (featuring S.P.M.)
7. Boxers - (featuring Deep Threat)
8. On Point - (featuring Big James)
9. Skit #1-The Copycat - (featuring B.G Duke/Scoopastar)
10. Ya'll
11. Dirty Souf - (featuring Redd)
12. My Dogz - (featuring Scoopastar/Will-lean/B.G. Duke/Taz)
13. Cut 4 U
14. Biz, The - (featuring Hump)
15. Skit #2-Purple Drank
16. Candycars - (featuring Chris Ward/Lil Key/B.G. Duke/Will-lean/C-Note/Shasta)
17. Green Rectanglez - (featuring Scoopastar)
18. Skit #3-The Dentist
19. I Can Do Dat
1. Soufside Still Holdin' - (radio)
2. Lil' Flip
3. Soufside Still Holdin' - (street)
4. Da Freestyle King

Flipperacci on megaupload

Get Lep On sendspace

1)KT - Huntin for a Leprechaun
2) T.I.P. - Welcome Back
3) Scarface & T.I.P. - Phone Convo
4) T.I.P. - 99 Problems (Lil Flip Aint One)
5) Scarface & T.I.P. - Phone Convo #2
6) P$C - Final Four
7) T.I.P. & DJ Drama - Jackin For Beats
8) Pharrell & Dram Speak
9) T.I.P. - You Don't Know Me (produced by dj toomp)
10) Scarface & T.I.P.- Phone Convo #3
11) T.I.P., Macboney, Lil 3rd- Its Been Said
12) big kuntry & t.i.p. - throwback(original version)
13) T.I.P., Jim Jones, Bun B - To The End of The Road
14) Paul Wall, Big Kuntry, Macboney - HustleMania
15) T.I.P. & Lil 3rd - Phone Convo
16) T.I.P. - No Problems Remix
17) Xtaci - Why? Freestyle
18) Big Kuntry - Kuntry King
19) Hump (SuckaFree) & T.I.P. - Phone Convo
20) T.I.P. & Juelz Santana - Roll Call
21) Big Kuntry, AK, C-Rod - In The South
22) T.I.P. - Freestyle (Produced By DJ Don Cannon)
23) Macboney - Watch For The Crook Freestyle
24) T.I.P. & Ciara - My Goodies (New Lyrics)
25) Hump (SuckaFree) & T.I.P. - Phone Convo #2
26) T.I.P. & Lil 3rd - Keep Talkin (Game Over!!)
27) Hump (SuckaFree) & T.I.P. - Phone Convo #3
28) T.I.P. & Daz - My Life
29) Xtaci & KHIA - My P*##y
30) T.I.P., Paul Wall, Macboney, AK - Killin Me
31) T.I.P - OUTRO

Click Here to listen to what happens when u dress like a Leprechaun on your album cover

1 - Rukiz Intro
2 - T.I. LIVE Freestyle (Dissin' Lil' Flip)
3 - "Lean Back" Freestyle - Lil' Flip (Dissin' T.I.)
4 - "Welcome Back" Freestyle - T.I. (Dissin' Lil' Flip)
5 - You Know I Got Them Thangs - Lil' Flip (Dissin' T.I.)
6 - 99 Problemz (But Lil' Flip Ain't One) - T.I. (Dissin' Lil' Flip)
7 - "No Problems" Freestyle - Lil' Flip
8 - No Problems - T.I. [verse]
9 - Locked Up - Lil' Flip
10 - Jackin' For Beatz - T.I.
11 - 2pac Freestyle - Lil' Flip
12 - 2 Glock 9's - Notorious B.I.G. feat. Beanie Sigel & T.I.
13 - Hood Freestyle - Lil' Flip
14 - Bring 'Em Out - T.I. & Swizz Beats
15 - State Ya Name Gangsta - Lil' Flip [verse] (produced by Swizz Beatz) (Dissin' T.I.)
16 - Stomp - Young Buck feat. Ludacris & T.I. (T.I. vs. Ludacris)
17 - It Ain't Me - Lil' Flip feat. Roy Jones, Jr.
18 - Exclusive Freestyle - T.I.
19 - What You Wanna Do - Lil' Flip & David Banner
20 - T.I. Speaks
21 - T.I. LIVE Freestyle at Rap City on B.E.T. (Dissin' Ludacris)
22 - Boy - Lil' Flip feat. Nelly & Gig Gipp
23 - The One - Cee-lo & T.I.
24 - You See It - Lil' Flip
25 - Where You From - T.I. & P$C
26 - Why Y'all So Madd - Lil' Flip [verse]
27 - How You Want It - T.I. [verse]
28 - Ghetto - Lil' Flip
29 - DJ Rukiz Interlude
30 - You Don't Know Me - T.I.
31 - Bonus Track - Lil' Flip
32 - Bonus Track - T.I.

Flip T.i Beeftape
Aite muffuckas,

It's Texas O'clock,

Here's some classic shit for you,

Although Paul Wall always looking like he need to take a shit and his fuckin grill's all up in your face he put down some heat before he got the commercial success he has today.

And as far as Chamillionaire goes,

He's the real King of the South.

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Get your Chopped and Screwed

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Alex Jones would like all of you to watch this.

Link to more Imsomnia

"This is by far Jones' best video documentary work yet, exposing in graphic detail the architecture and tactics of the police state which is being built around us."

"Greatest documentary I've ever seen period."

"This is one of the very best documentaries out there exposing the plans of the new world order."

"Everyone owes it to themselves to watch each of Alex's films, and to look into the information yourself, which is easy given that he cites every source in detail."

"This is a must see and should be mandatory viewing before recieving a library card.Welcome to the new America where the constitution is just a memory and the state does all your thinking for you."

- Reviews from Internet Archive.org

Here's a couple mash up albums for my friends that fell in love with the 50cent/Verve track over the weekend.

1 - Got It Twisted (Bobb Deep remix) [3:28]
2 - Shook Ones pt. 2 (Bobb Deep remix) [3:58]
3 - Clap Those Thangs feat. 50 Cent (Bobb Deep remix) [3:58]
4 - Front Lines (Hell On Earth) (Bobb Deep remix) [5:13]
5 - Drop A Gem On 'Em (Bobb Deep remix) [4:08]
6 - Stir It Up (Quiet Storm) (Bobb Deep remix) [3:59]
7 - Gangstaz Roll (Bobb Deep remix) [3:44]
8 - Rare Species (Modus Operandi) (Bobb Deep remix) [4:22]
9 - Survival Of The Fittest (Bobb Deep remix) [3:33]
10 - It's Mine feat. Nas (Bobb Deep remix) [3:59]

Get Bob and the Mobb

DJ Swindle (the creator of the acclaimed Bobb Deep mash-up) comes
back with another remix original.

1. Stunt 101 feat. G UNIT mixed/with INXS "Need You Tonight"
2. Many Men m/w Aha "Take On Me"
3. Wanksta m/w A Flock of Seaguls "I Ran"
4. Shot Down feat. DMX & Styles P m/w Simple Minds "Don't You Forget About Me"
5. Just A Lil' Bit m/w New Order "Bizarre Love Triangle"
6. 21 Questions m/w Bangles "Walk Like An Egyptian"
7. Disco Inferno m/w Depeche Mode "People Are People"
8. How We Do feat. The Game m/w Human League "Don't You Want Me"
9. Candy Shop m/w Def Leppard "Pour Some Sugar On Me"
10. In Da Club m/w Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams"
11. Patiently Waiting m/w Fugazi "Waiting Room"

Get 80 cent

Monday, May 01, 2006


Coup Official Web Site

Boots Riley,

Intelligent,thought provoking,revolutionary minded, VERY underrated,

One of my favorite emcees that has not gotten the shine he deserves,

With all the hyphy,stoopid doo doo dumb up in here lately,

I thought it was time to switch gears,

"Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night"

Remember that shit.

If this isn't one of the greatest hip hop songs of all time than i really don't have a fucking clue ,

Boots Riley and his DJ Pam The Funktress make up "The Coup"

When Boots rhymes he drops searing, poignant commentary over usually dope tracks.

Unlike most of the fucking clowns out poisoning Hip Hop,

Boots delivers a message without preaching.

I ain't even fucking around d/l their new shit " Pick a Bigger Weapon"

Buyin that bitch fa sho.

No longer Independant ,buying this album,will convince Epitaph to push and market this LP,

or you'll be left with the Jimmy Iovine formula,

unless your NOT sick of "niggaz",

cooking weight,
being strapped,
studio gangsterism,
woodgrain,candy and rims,
ho's and grills,

really tho, Boots and his music is far more gangster,

If your still skeptical sample this bitch here and thank me later,
It's an end to end burner,solid all the way thru,
Arguably the g.o.a.t slept on albums,

1. Shipment, The
2. Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night
3. 20,000 Gun Salute
4. Busterismology
5. Cars And Shoes
6. Breathing Apparatus
7. U.C.P.A.S. - (featuring F.T.S.)
8. Pizza Man - (skit)
9. Repo Man Sings For You, The - (featuring Del The Funky Homosapien)
10. Underdogs
11. Sneakin' In
12. Do My Thang - (skit)
13. Piss On Your Grave
14. Fixation

Get thru megaupload

Get thru Rapidshare

Three years after "Steal This Album", The Coup dropped their 3rd Lp "Party Music"

Due to the crazed "terrorists" that attacked the WTC

A prophetic Boots had to pull this original cover.

1. Everythang
2. 5 Million Ways to Kill a Ceo
3. Wear Clean Draws
4. Ghetto Manifesto
5. Get Up - Dead Prez, The Coup
6. Tight
7. Ride the Fence
8. Nowalaters
9. Pork and Beef
10. Heven Tonite
11. Thought About It 2
12. Lazymuthafucka

Get Party Music

Party Music/The Coup was voted:

"Best Hip Hop Artist" - Rolling Stone
"Top 40 Albums of The Year" - Rolling Stone
"#14 Album of the Year" - Spin
"#1 Album of the Year" - Washington Post
"Top Albums of the Year"- Los Angeles Times
"#1 Album of the Year" - Time Out New York
"#1 Album of the Year" - San Fran Chronicle
"3 out of 4 Critics Choices" - Village Voice
"Best Albums" - Denver Post
"#2 Album of the Year" - Philadelphia Inquirer
"#25 Greatest Album of 2001" -- Blender

Party Music Reviews

Coup Official Web Site
"In 2 of the most lopsided "sonnings" i've ever seen ,

Stephen Colbert (Daily Show, Colbert Report) lays an absolute shit kicking to one of the PNAC founders and then to Bush and his administration.

Both are must see.

PNAC sonning

White House Press skewering
Cost of the War in Iraq
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