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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just got back from a film shoot in the Canadian Rockies.

Helicopters and 60-75 mile an hour winds are not enjoyable.

Thankfully we got everyone off the summit as well as our gear.

Old news but what the fuck was "Kramer" thinking.

I just saw this disgrace for the first time .

I am not posting a link because it made me almost puke when i first watched it.

While i find some new beats you should watch this.

This should be mandatory viewing for every person on the planet.


TerrorStorm goes into documented cases of government-sponsored terror before exposing the 7/7 bombings as an orchestrated event and brings another update on the current state of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

The Disclosure Project

On Wednesday, May 9th, 2001 , over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena, according to Dr. Steven M. Greer, director of the Disclosure Project which hosted the event.


Anonymous T-money said...

I just don't get the whole Kramer thing. Am I the only person who wasn't "disgusted" with it? How is it different than anything we all say. So he went for the juggular like anyone does when pissed off at a particular person. We can't exactly move on if we never let the past be what it is...the past. As back people how can we get so heated when a white person makes a racist comment yet we make comments about jews, Asians, ect that really had the same basic persecutions. Jews were slaves long before us & yet we still make comments about them & yet whenever someone makes a heated comment we get bent out of shape. It's no different than the "nigga" phenom where we can say it but other can't. We need to grow up & get away from this hypocritical stance we all take or it'll never change.

9:58 AM  

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